Soundchain is a decentralized application and distributing royalties for free auditions from the Musereum Foundation.
Beware of any frauds
There is no ongoing token sale of Soundchain tokens
Listen all music without payment. It's free for you because authors and musicians get cryptocurrency from Soundchain Foundation and subsidize amount of listening for right-holders sell their licences in ETM.
For listeners
Free high quality music listening without annoying advertisement and payment for subscription.
For reposters
Listeners may obtain the status - "Reposter', share favorite music with friends and get royalty for artists' promotion and build-up their fan base.
For distributors
Platform users with "Distributor" status may create playlists and be rewarded for the listening of their channel by the audience.
Soundchain Foundation
Soundchain Foundation, non-profit organization, subsidizes listenings through the extra emission of 25M tokens ETM per year.
The more commercial licenses are sold for cryptocurrency, the higher the rate on track's royalty per play which also increases the platform capitalization.
POS deposits
The right holders may freeze ETM cryptocurrency on special deposits and artificially increase the rate by creating the lack of ETM cryptocurrency.
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