BitQT Review

When it comes to trading in cryptocurrency, it’s essential to know about trading signals. They’re merely a set of instructions that provide information to individuals who trade. For example, the signals inform about when it’s time to buy and sell assets.

People who are familiar with buying and selling cryptocurrency can generate these signals manually. However, what about those who don’t understand trading cryptocurrency? That’s where an automatic or auto trading bot comes in handy.

With trading bots, anyone can trade in cryptocurrency whether or not they have the skills or knowledge to generate their own trading signals. The bots not only buy and sell cryptocurrency for you but also carry out all analysis to decide the best course of action. Basically, they put crypto trading into auto drive.

Without any knowledge of cryptocurrency, individuals are earning an average of nearly $900 a day using BitQT. This success is thanks to this auto trading crypto bot having a success rate of 99%. While it’s impossible for any trading bot to be right 100% of this time, this one gets pretty close. As a result, you make money on nearly every transaction that occurs.

Understanding BitQT

Before getting into the full review of BitQT, it’s important that you know what this program truly is. On the surface, it’s an auto trading robot that deals in cryptocurrency. You invest money into the program, and it uses that money to invest in cryptocurrency without you having to do a thing. Your only responsibility is to provide the seed money that it needs to get your initial investment going.

After depositing your money into this program, it analyzes the marketplace to determine the best cryptocurrency to invest in. It continues to monitor the market to know when it should sell your cryptocurrency and invest in something new. This consistent buying and selling makes you money on the crypto marketplace.

In order to make money buying and selling cryptocurrency without a bot, you would have to sit in front of your computer 24 hours a day and strike at the right times. With this program, you’re free to go about your normal life while it does the heavy lifting for you.

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What you need to know before trading with BitQT BQ

BitQT BQ doesn’t require special skills or knowledge to operate. You only have to read its trading manual and practice through demo before going live.

The trading guide and video tutorials are provided in an easy to understand language. Consequently, users do not need to be familiar with trading lingo to follow the guides. BitQT BQ also provides an account manager to walk with new users through the first steps of trading.

As mentioned earlier, BitQT BQ has a supposed accuracy rate of 90%. There is reportedly a minimal chance of making a wrong trade with this robot, but it is there nonetheless. We, therefore, insist that you do not deposit more than you can stomach to lose.

There are sad stories all over the internet about people who lost their entire retirement savings to margin trading bots. As a rule of thumb, never commit more than 10% of your savings to a high risk/high return robot. Investment professionals recommend diversification as a way of hedging against risk.

BitQT BQ provides several tools to help you manage risk during live trading. These include Negative Balance Protection, Stop Loss, and Take Profit features. Negative Balance Protection prevents you from trading your account into the negative. It is possible to make losses into the negative when trading on extremely high leverage.

A Take Profit feature, on the other hand, prevents you from getting greedy and failing to close profitable trades. The Stop Loss defines the level of losses you are willing to take per trade.

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High profitability with BitQT

We observed something amazing during this BitQT review. My team found out that the transactions always end positively, and the user makes a profit.

This happened while we used the live trading feature, and we saw from the testimonials on the site that many other investors who trade with BitQT make a profit every day.

We tested the trading system with our analytics tools, and after the permutations, my team discovered that the success rate for all transactions on BitQT is above 95%, this result was consistent with our experience on the crypto trading platform.

How Does BitQT Operate?

The company does not have any tangible information regarding how their application works. The trading conditions are not discussed. Additionally, we did not have the privilege of seeing their trading results, which is a significant drawdown.

In finance and investment, we do not rely on the theory. We use evidence to determine the viability of a product or service. Therefore, BitQT lacks adequate data that can verify that they are indeed profitable. The entity state that it is not an affiliate marketing firm or an MLM.

BitQT claims to have a laser performance that they cannot verify. Moreover, the entity also brags that they have won multiple awards as the best trading software. Unfortunately, they do not mention who awarded them this title.

However, they do not disclose the brokers that they are working with to the public. The company only brags of having an accuracy rate of 99.4%. Logically speaking, this is to means that the software does not lose any trade. Even the best trading bots in the markets do not have anything close to this accuracy.

It is something that should raise questions. Moreover, this scam bot also brags of not having any hidden fees, and what is even absurd it claims that some of their clients have become a millionaire within a period of 3 months. Watch out since this is clearly a Ponzi scheme.

BitQT is Excellent

This is our verdict. We have found all the information that we need to confirm that it is in the best interests of all investors to start trading with BitQT.

The crypto trading platform is secure, and everything works. We know that there are no hidden fees, all the processes are transparent, and the chance of making money from the crypto market daily is guaranteed.

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